1981 Czech legislative election

1981 Czech legislative election
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All 200 seats in the Czech National Council
  First party
  Gustáv Husák - oříznuto.JPG
Leader Gustáv Husák
Party KSČ
Alliance National Front
Seats won 138
Seat change Increase 27

Prime Minister before election

Josef Korčák

Prime Minister after election

Josef Korčák

National Council elections were held in the Czech part of Czechoslovakia on 5 and 6 June 1981.


Party or allianceVotes%Seats
National FrontCommunist Party of Czechoslovakia138
Czechoslovak Socialist Party14
Czechoslovak People's Party14
Total votes7,327,157
Registered voters/turnout7,372,13299.39
Source: CZSO
  • Seats by sex
    • 144 Male
    • 56 Female

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