2008 Czech Senate election

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Senate elections were held in the Czech Republic on 17 and 18 October 2008, with a second round on 24 and 25 October 2008,[1][2][3] electing one-third of the members of the Senate. A total of 200 candidates contested the 27 seats, and more than two-thirds of the incumbents ran for another term – only seven retired.[4]

Governing parties (ODS and KDU-CSL; the Greens had no open seats) suffered massive losses – only 3 candidates (all ODS) were elected. The Opposition Czech Social Democratic Party won the election with 23 out of the 27 seats contested. The Civic Democratic Party lost its majority in the Senate (which was used to delay ratification of the Lisbon Treaty in the Czech Republic).


Nominating partyFirst roundSecond roundSeats
Votes%SeatsVotes%SeatsWonNot upTotal
Czech Social Democratic Party347,75933.201459,82955.922223629
Civic Democratic Party252,82724.140266,73132.44333235
Communist Party of Bohemia and Moravia147,18614.05020,9002.541123
Green Party41,8363.990011
SNK European Democrats39,9953.82024,9743.040022
Party for the Open Society14,8481.420011
Freedom Union – Democratic Union12,0161.150011
Bloc Against Islamisation – Home Defence10,5451.010000
Independent Democrats10,5191.000000
Liberal Reform Party9,0630.870000
Public Affairs8,6340.820000
Independent Mayors for the Region7,8810.750011
Club of Committed Non-Party Members4,8960.470000
Party of Common Sense3,6070.340000
Czech National Socialist Party3,2890.310000
Fair Play – HNPD1,8660.180000
Right Bloc1,8320.170000
National Democracy1,3280.130000
Workers' Party1,0950.100000
Mayors and Personalities for Moravia9730.090000
Civic Self-Defence Party9340.090000
Koruna Česká9170.090000
Head Up – Electoral Bloc8850.080000
Valid votes1,047,35893.86822,35399.74
Invalid/blank votes68,5106.142,1370.26
Total votes1,115,868100.00824,490100.00
Registered voters/turnout2,852,50639.122,764,21829.83
Source: Volby, IPU


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