Next Czech legislative election

Next Czech legislative election

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All 200 seats in the Chamber of Deputies
101 seats needed for a majority
Opinion polls
  First party Second party
  Andrej Babiš v roce 2020 (cropped).jpg Petr Fiala 2019 Praha.jpg
Leader Andrej Babiš Petr Fiala
Alliance SPOLU
Leader since 1 August 2012 18 January 2014
Leader's seat Ústí nad Labem South Moravia
Last election 72 seats, 27.1% 71 seats, 27.8%

  Third party Fourth party
  Ivan Bartoš 8 May 2021.jpg Tomio Okamura 2012 crop.JPG
Leader Ivan Bartoš Tomio Okamura
Party Pirates SPD
Alliance Pirates and Mayors
Leader since 2 April 2016 5 May 2015
Leader's seat Ústí nad Labem Moravia-Silesia
Last election 37 seats, 15.6% 20 seats, 9.6%

Prime Minister before election

Petr Fiala

Prime Minister after election


The next Czech legislative election will be held in or before October 2025. All 200 members of the Chamber of Deputies of the Czech Republic will be elected and the leader of the resultant government will become the Prime Minister.


The 2021 legislative elections saw the conservative alliance Spolu (consisting of the Civic Democratic Party (ODS), KDU-ČSL and TOP 09) finish first with 27.8% of the vote. ANO 2011 finished second and liberal alliance Pirates and Mayors third. Freedom and Direct Democracy was the only other party to win seats. Spolu formed a government with Pirates and Mayors with ODS leader Petr Fiala as Prime Minister.

Soon after the 2021 elections, the leader of the Mayors and Independents, Vit Rakušan, said that his party would run in the next elections as a single party rather than continue their alliance with the Pirate Party. According to internal Pirate Party analysis, the Mayors violated their joint agreement by asking their voters to give their candidates preference votes on the joint list, which resulted in just four Pirate MPs being elected.[1]

Pre-election composition

Results by parties[2][3]
PS PČR 2021 strany.svg
Party Seats +/–
ANO 2011 72 –6
Civic Democratic Party 34 +9
Mayors and Independents 33 +27
KDU-ČSL 23 +13
Freedom and Direct Democracy 20 –2
TOP 09 14 +7
Czech Pirate Party 4 –18

Opinion polls

Party polling


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